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Are Those 2 Bigfoots?

Hiker John Stoneman, 57, was traveling through Kinzua State Park near Bradford, Pennsylvania with his girlfriend when he saw two large dark shapes moving in the woods. Curious, Mr Stoneman stopped his car in the middle of the road, even blocking traffic behind him to take a few snaps of what looked like two 7 foot tall beasts about 200 yards from him.

Mr Stoneman who described himself as a skeptic said: ‘We do have black bears, but they are considerably smaller than this, it was standing about seven-foot tall.’

The area has been know for Bigfoot sightings and the day before John captured his photos, a ‘Bigfoot calling contest’ was held as part of the bridge festival. Could there be a link?

I have to say, hoax or not, those photos are great and the story seems more credible than many others.

Check out the photos for yourself HERE!

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Texas City Rocked by Low Flying UFO Sighting

On June 26, 2014, an entire block “filled with people” was stunned to see a large, triangular UFO noiselessly hovering over the neighborhood. The incident happened in a small Texan town called Gainesville around 11 in the evening according to a testimony from the Mutual UFO Network or MUFON witness reporting database.

The witness claims to be returning from work and was traveling along Tyler street in Gainesville when she noticed an entire block filled with people watching in awe and looking into the sky. According to the witness, she heard several people talk about the mysterious aircraft.

“Many took footage on cell phones. The lights were lined up horizontally, and then right before it disappeared, the lights instantly lined up vertically as if the object turned on its side and then sped away.”

In her statement, the witness described the mysterious aircraft as “very large, looked like a solid object larger than a plane. She also said that the sight of the UFO left everyone feeling in awe of its sheer size because it was low flying. Gainesville is home to 16,002 people and is the countryseat of Cooke County of Texas.

Texas is the 4th highest reporting state of UFO sightings in the US while California is the highest reporting state.

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NASA Predicts Alien Life Discovery Within 20 Years

According to a NASA rep, in 20 years, we just might be able to answer the question, “Is there intelligent life out there?”

NASA scientists confirmed that evidence of extraterrestrial life may be discovered within 20 years, in an announcement at its Washington headquarters this week. The space agency predicted that over 100 million planets in our galaxy could support life, suggesting that extraterrestrial life is possible to exist in any of these planets.

Meanwhile, Matt Mountain of the Space telescope Science Institute, explores the possibility of one day discovering an alien civilization within the timeframe given by NASA,” Just imagine the moment, when we find potential signatures of life. Imagine the moment when the world wakes up and the human race realizes that its long loneliness in time and space may be over – the possibility we’re no longer alone in the universe.”

“What we didn’t know five years ago is that perhaps 10 to 20 per cent of stars around us have Earth-size planets in the habitable zone. It’s within our grasp to pull off a discovery that will change the world forever.”

According to NASA administrator, Charles Bolden on possible life beyond earth, “I would venture to say that most of my colleagues here today say it is improbable that in the limitless vastness of the universe we humans stand alone.”

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