Are Those 2 Bigfoots?

Hiker John Stoneman, 57, was traveling through Kinzua State Park near Bradford, Pennsylvania with his girlfriend when he saw two large dark shapes moving in the woods. Curious, Mr Stoneman stopped his car in the middle of the road, even blocking traffic behind him to take a few snaps of what looked like two 7 foot tall beasts about 200 yards from him.

Mr Stoneman who described himself as a skeptic said: ‘We do have black bears, but they are considerably smaller than this, it was standing about seven-foot tall.’

The area has been know for Bigfoot sightings and the day before John captured his photos, a ‘Bigfoot calling contest’ was held as part of the bridge festival. Could there be a link?

I have to say, hoax or not, those photos are great and the story seems more credible than many others.

Check out the photos for yourself HERE!

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