Texas City Rocked by Low Flying UFO Sighting

On June 26, 2014, an entire block “filled with people” was stunned to see a large, triangular UFO noiselessly hovering over the neighborhood. The incident happened in a small Texan town called Gainesville around 11 in the evening according to a testimony from the Mutual UFO Network or MUFON witness reporting database.

The witness claims to be returning from work and was traveling along Tyler street in Gainesville when she noticed an entire block filled with people watching in awe and looking into the sky. According to the witness, she heard several people talk about the mysterious aircraft.


“Many took footage on cell phones. The lights were lined up horizontally, and then right before it disappeared, the lights instantly lined up vertically as if the object turned on its side and then sped away.”

In her statement, the witness described the mysterious aircraft as “very large, looked like a solid object larger than a plane. She also said that the sight of the UFO left everyone feeling in awe of its sheer size because it was low flying. Gainesville is home to 16,002 people and is the countryseat of Cooke County of Texas.


Texas is the 4th highest reporting state of UFO sightings in the US while California is the highest reporting state.

Article Resource: http://news.theparanormal.ca/texas-city-rocked-by-low-flying-ufo-sighting/


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