Record-Breaking: 232 Teeth Extracted From Indian Teen

For today’s daily dose of WTF, a team of surgeons in Mumbai extracted an astonishing 232 teeth from an Indian teen. And the clincher? Surgeons said the operation was “fun.” Tell that to the teen who had to sit through six-hour of teeth extraction!

17-year old Ashik Gavai is suffering from a rare condition called composite odontoma. This condition results in benign tumors made of teeth-like structures in various parts of the lower jaw. The teen sought medical help because of a swelling on the right side of his lower jaw. His case was referred to the city’s JJ Hospital where Indian dentists extracted the cause of his swelling, all 232 of it.
The tooth extraction operation to end it all went on for an excruciating six hours. According to doctors, Gavai’s molar tooth in his lower jaw grew into “hundreds of small teeth.” Because dentists at JJ Hospital could not remove the growth using traditional surgical tools, they resorted to good ol’ hammer and chisel. One by one, the teeth were removed and now the doctors are calling the whole spectacle a world record.

Sudanda Dhiware, head of the hospital’s dentistry department, told the Washington Post, “I have never seen anything like it in all my years of practice. We were so excited by it. And it was really fun for us to be able to extract them all, one by one.”
Gavai’s case is unique because the condition itself does not normally result in 232 teeth. In fact, the maximum teeth extracted from a person with the same condition are only 37.

Gavai comes from a poor family of cotton growers outside of Mumbai. Because they had no money for an operation, Gavai and his family turned to a state-run hospital to seek medical treatment. They obtained funds through a program that offer financial aid to poor patients. Gavai is currently recovering from his operation.
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