Sunken UFO in Baltic Sea?

The Baltic Sea made headlines this week after Mars, a cursed warship was uncovered after missing for 450 years. But the warship isn’t the only thing that rests beneath the depths of the Baltic Sea. In June 2011, a 60-meter circular rock formation was discovered on the ocean floor. The Swedish “Ocean X” diving team headed by Peter Lindberg and Dennis Åsberg discovered the strange formation.

The Ocean X team reported that the rock formation was resting on a stone pillar with a structure similar to that of a staircase. The staircase-like formation was leading to a dark hole.

Some commentators believe that the strange rock formations may have been a World War II anti-submarine device or a battleship gun turret. UFO experts believe the circular rock formation hidden in the depths of the sea may be a sunken flying saucer. Several experts stated the possibility that the structure may not be so alien after all; it could be a natural geological formation.


Ocean X team came across the strange formation while searching for an old shipwreck. The group describes themselves as treasure hunters and salvage operators that specialize in recovering “antique high-end alcoholic beverages and historic artifacts” through underwater searches.

According to the Ocean X team, the circular rock seems to be made of rough granite. The formation was approximately 3 to 4 meters thick and 60 meters in diameter. The pillar-like structure where the disc-shaped rock rests is 8 meters tall and located at a depth of 85 to 90 meters. A smaller structure, not too far away from the artifacts, resembles that of a runway. The runway-like structure is around a 300-metre (980 ft).

The Swedish diving team recently published their discovery as well as additional close-up sonar scan on their Web site. On their YouTube page, Ocean X also uploaded a video of the structures in a 90-degree angle. The video gives a detailed view of the strange UFO-like rock formation as well as the eqyually intriguing structures near it.
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